The Legacy Project is a free video-recording service for individuals facing life-threatening illness in the Bay Area. We help individuals record their stories, favorite memories and messages for loved ones to inherit.

Jocelyn Tseng established the Legacy Project in 2010 while still in medical school after the loss of both her parents. She was inspired by video messages her father, an oncologist, had recorded for his family prior to passing from brain cancer. Jossy and her brothers have treasured these videos dearly. The Legacy Project hopes to bring this gift to others.  


The Process:





“It is not an easy thing to face – the concept of a legacy video. But what a beautiful idea.  It is a capsule, a nugget, that one day will help and speak. The experience of making the video was one of the best decisions I’ve made.  I completely trusted the process. It was comfortable and not at all intimidating. My children will be grateful.”

                        --Jeanette, 50's, Huntington’s disease


“I realized in all likelihood that was I going to die before my kids reached high school.  I have an 8 year old. So it felt important to do whatever I could to create a tangible legacy.   Once you get started it’s easy. You just have to figure out what is the right time and jump the hurdle of doing it. It’s something my kids will hold on to. I am very appreciative of this opportunity.    Do it!  Just do it!”

                        --Lesley, 40’s, lung cancer


“This is emergency preparedness. What a blessing.”

                        --Amy, 30’s, a rare neuroendocrine cancer      


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