Join Our Team!


Become a Legacy Project advocate! We are looking for creative and vibrant advocates at local cancer resource centers, community groups, and hospitals to help promote the Legacy Project, recruit participants, and manage our social media. We welcome your ideas and would love to work with you!


The Legacy Project is recruiting more volunteer facilitators! Our goal is to recruit and train therapists, social workers, chaplains, survivors and those in the psycho-social space from all over the Bay Area to facilitate LP interviews. We hope to build a team large enough to accommodate all requests and have interviewers available to film in the comfort of peoples’ homes. The time commitment is minimal. Depending on your comfort level you can shadow one to several LP filmings before starting on your own. The number of interviews you’d like to facilitate is up to you, but we generally ask our volunteers to do 1-2 interviews per year. You will work in collaboration with a LP videographer throughout the interview, and we have comprehensive list of questions to help you structure the interview. Facilitating interviews has been an incredible and formative experience for our volunteers, and we hope you will consider joining the team. 


The Legacy Project is recruiting more videographers! Our videographers are clearly a crucial part of the LP. While the LP's primary focus has been on recording content as opposed to high end production, the videographer role could be an opportunity for artistic exploration for a budding filmmaker. We ask that videographers have their own equipment and editing tools. Thank you for your interest!

Please email uscflegacyproject @ gmail.com to get involved.